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Pyrotechnic Projects: Strobe Pots

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Strobe Pots are small containers that contain a Strobe Mixture that flashes on & off when lit The Bright White Strobe Mix is an easy to make and very entertaining formula. It will strobe brightly even when made into small pea-sized pieces.


Barium Nitrate

51 %

Potassium Nitrate

7 %


19 %

60 to100 mesh

18 %


5 %


Grind the Barium Nitrate and Potassium Nitrate into a fine powder that resembles Talcum powder. Mix the Nitrates with the other chemicals and pass the mixture through a fine screen to break up any lumps. Put the mixture in a zip-loc plastic baggie and shake well. Add just a small amount of water to the mix... a little at a time until it will just begin to stick together when squeezed between your fingers. Be very careful not to add too much water and shake & knead the mixture in the baggie each time you add a bit of water to make sure it is all absorbed. Once it is damp enough to hold together, you can test some by squeezing a pea-sized piece between your fingers. You can take the small piece outside and light it and it will flash brightly. Strobe Mix will light even if it is a little damp. It is sometimes difficult to light (especially when damp). If you have one, the best way to light a tiny test sample of it is with a propane torch. The damp composition can be pressed into small thimble-sized paper cups made by rolling up a sheet of paper, After you press in the composition, insert a 2" length of Visco Safety Fuse and press the composition around it. When the mixture dries (usually in a couple of days), it will become rack hard and light easily with a fuse. The Magnalium in the formula is a special Magnesium & Aluminum alloy that makes the mixture flash so brightly.