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*Limit 2 per customer.
Extended through 12 AM (MST) 02/24:
Medium Cake Fuse only $3.99/roll*
15% OFF 1"x2 1/2"x1/8" Tubes*
10% OFF Pyro Screens*
*While supplies last. Limited to stock on hand. Not valid on Wholesale or previous orders.


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Pyro Chem Source  The best place on the net to buy Pyrotechnic Chemicals

Army Surplus Warehouse  For all things Army Surplus

Model Rocket Maintenance and Technology Great resource for Model Rocketry

Pyrotechnic Books Pyrotechnic books by Jered Ledgard.

Grey-Star Cannon Technologies Makers of 1/3 and 1/2 scale Civil War Era Cannons

MLR Distributing 26.5 and 37mm Re-loadables and custom accessories.

Detonation Films Amateur film and special effects.

Survival Ops Tannerite exploding targets and more.

United Nuclear Scientific equipment and Supplies.

Neff Cannons Authentic Civil War Cannons.

American Cannons Golf Ball Launchers.

Nakka Rocketry Very good rocketry page.

Spudfiles Spud Guns.

Specialty Ammo 37mm and 12g specialty ammo.

Graf & Sons Mail order black powder, Pyrodex and more.

Powder Inc. Extensive selection of black powder.

Pyro-Aluminum Top-quality dark flake aluminum.